Arduino plugin for ChromeOS

I have followed instructions from the 'getting started' page. Downloaded the the ArduinoCreateAgent file. unzipped it and i'm getting a 'no results found' for apps to run the file. I have also tried running it from the Linux beta command prompt following instructions from a google chrome forum. Can anybody help me. I'm brand new to coding, this is my first ever computer project of any description. I've looked at forums and and am fumbling through but can use some help.

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 6.56.27 PM.png|1366x768

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 6.56.08 PM.png|1366x768

How do I load the plugin for ChromeOS. I followed the 'getting started guide' but the .run file wont run. is there an app i can get that can run this file? I also tried to run it through the Linux Beta terminal but that's not working either. Any hep is greatly appreciated.