Arduino Pompie

I've started a small project to control my pond pump and air pump. The goal is to let a Arduino control the pump.

  • Stop when the water level gets too low
  • control pump time according to the temperature
  • switch on the air pump when the temperature gets to high or low
    It has features which may interest others: switching AC and detecting water level. The project is far from complete but i will work on it when i find the time.

the water level sensor is kind of a smart solution.. . does it work well?

An alternative for liquid sensing is to use two vertical, parallel, insulated strips of metals separated by a small air gap. Clearly this is a capacitor. As the liquid rises the air gap is replaced with water gap which has a different dielectric constant and changes the capacitance. Either charge and discharge the capacitor through a resistor (probably very high, this is a small capacitor) and measure the voltage on either end of the cycle, or maybe better, make an oscilator's frequency controlled by the capacitance and count pulses.