Arduino Pong

I'm trying to re-create an old Arduino Pong project I found on the old read only forums.

The code seems to already be completed, I'm just trying to figure out the wiring schematic.

I'm a chemist not an electrical engineer so I have zero coding experience and have been building little LED circuits lately, nothing crazy complex. Trying to read wiring schematics for me is like other people trying to under IUPAC Organic chemistry nomenclature...

I get the potentionmeter between 5V and GRND going into Analog 2, but I get stuck with the top part wiring.

Are digital ports 8 and 9 in parallel going to one end of the 75 Ohm resistor?

I don't get how it looks like there are 3 resistors coming to one point and then that going to the Signal IN on the video plug?

I've googled and spent about 3 hours trying to find better tutorials but EVERY single person just shows a horrible bread board picture or the end Pong screen, NEVER a "how to " or even a decent bread board description or picture. I don't know if there is a program where someone could make a quick breadboard design but that would be much appreciated I've spent 2 days on this and am driving myself insane on what should be something "easy"


Are digital ports 8 and 9 in parallel going to one end of the 75 Ohm resistor?

Yes, but look carefully at the two series resistors.

When you see a black dot on a schematic, it means that all of the lines are connected at that point. Most of the time the horizontal line that crosses a vertical line that is NOT connected to the vertical line will arch over the vertical to show that it is not connected, but a black dot is always a connection. Hope that helps.