Arduino POP 168 and VRbot

hi... i'm kinda new to this. :( .. i just bought arduino pop168 wheeled bot and uploaded the sample code (VRbot mini demo code) and it works fine... i want to use and train new commands but how should i edit the code in arduino.? any help or comments and suggestions or any other samples.? thanks very much...

You edit the code in the arduino IDE. But the bot is kind of a big step for a beginner. I would suggest you start simple. Your going to need to familiarize yourself with the hardware and hoe to program it. I suggest you start with this great beginners guide for the arduino.

Considering the bot comes with a version of the arduino that isn't as user friendly as the Duemilanove is. Besides all the starter guides use it so its easier to follow the examples and learn. So i suggest, if you have the money, to get the Duemilanove.

Hi, I want to use the VRBOT with a POPBOT and am supposed (as a first step) to find the VRBOT example in the Arduino 0017 ID but cannot find it. Who can help? Thanks very much!

P.S.: So, I am using the POP168 as part of the POPBOT