Arduino port not detecting


I use arduino nano and uno. so far all ports were working fine unit i inserted a board with FTDI. The FTDI not read and i dont know what happen later when i inserted uno or nano non of them were detecting. i tried to uninstall and reinstall android but with no luck. please help me

please help me

my work stopped

What the... Ports, you mean COM ports? Aka, boards being detected? And can you be more specific? Which FTDI board? Real or clone Uno's/Nano's?

And what on earth has Android to do with it???????

yes COM ports, when i connect arduino UNO to the system the port is not detected in arduino IDE. sorry it is not android it is arduino. previously both arduino uno and nano worked find and i used to detect them and uploaded codes sucessfully but not the boards arduino UNO or NANO are not being detected by arduino IDE

only thing i did before i connecting arduino uno is connecting FTDI FUAA312 board.


Is this on Windows (which version?)? If so, what does device manager say? You might have to uninstall the device drivers and re-install them.

Real or clone Uno's/Nano's?


It is a clone UNO.

In device manager
previously i used to UNO in Ports(COM && LTP).

now i see them in other devices --> USB2.0-Serial

If the communication chip is an FTDI (clone) then you might be caught by Microsoft and FTDI as one of the OS updates bricks counterfeit FTDI chips.

Can't install drivers for UNO,

  1. Why not?
  2. Why did you hijack this thread? -> pls open your own and explain in detail what exactly is your problem (do you have a clone, do you have an original Uno, how do you try to install what kind of driver etc. ?

FTDI chip is original. So the only way is to uninstall all the USB drivers and re install them ?

How do you know that the FTDI chip is original?
The fact that the chip has "FTDI" written on the surface is no prove that it is an original.

Try to google for "FTDI bricked" and you will find a lot of information about that.
Some instructions how to unbrick the chip might work, but it's on your own risk.
Here is one of more than a dozen instructions:

As I am not affected by this issue I can't tell and advice you more than that.
Good luck.