Arduino portable medication reminder help request

Hi,, can someone help me with my project,,, im using arduino uno, rtc, lcd display, eeprom.... i dun know how start someone please help me....... :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

i dun know how start

Using proper English and providing a thorough description of what you would like to accomplish, what research you have done, what you have tried, and what skills you have would be an excellent place to start.

Bigred's absolutely right- tell us what you've done so far, although if you don't know where to start you probably haven't done anything?

So here's my suggestion, assuming you know nothing about Arduino...

  • Work through some of the examples in the IDE: file > examples
  • Then get the LCD working, maybe just with file > examples > liquidcrystal > helloworld
  • Then find a tutorial and library for the RTC you have, and get it working
  • Then when you have the LCD and RTC sorted, look into how to get the RTC displaying on the LCD
  • And only then, think about your actual project.