Arduino portenta h7 board interface with neurosky mwm2 device to capture eeg

I am working on a project related to real-time eeg. I am trying to capture eeg data from neurosky mindwave mobile (MWM) 2 device into arduino portenta h7 device. Although there are are many posts for interfacing MWM2 with arduino using bluetooth module (hc-05), but portenta h7 has already inbuilt buetooth BLE. How can I use portenta to interface with neurosky voa BLE? I have already connected portenta and MWM2 ua=sing the peripheral explorer code provided in arduinoBLE library and can see the characteristics and services, but how to record the eeg data and read it? Also, the mindwave library on github does not seem to work with portenta, is it for only arduino uno?

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Can anyone suggest that how to use bluetooth classic with portenta h7? It supports both bt classic and BLE, but how to use bt classic? Please help.

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