Arduino POV anyone?

Hi all,

Browsing through the net I’ve seen some interesting POV (Persistance of Vision) projects using the Atmega 168.

Has anyone worked on a POV project with the arduino?

I’m currently working on a performance piece and think it would be a nice touch to send some cues to the performers using POV, unfortunately, at the moment I don’t have enough free time to read all the theory, documentation, etc. to start from scratch, but would really appreciate it if someone could give me pointers or a head start and then invest time on this.




did you try looking with that enormous Google machine?

the first link has code for POV with Arudino…


Here’s some of my Arduino POV stuff

The link that Daniel mentioned ( is what I based my stuff on. I found the hardest thing to do physical setup.

Let me know if you need any help.