Arduino POV Demonstration

This is a preliminary project to the bicycle wheel POV (persistence of vision) project I want to tackle. I’ve attached my sketch and a photo of my prototype board to give you an idea of how to try this yourself.

I was surprised how difficult it was to achieve the desired affect by just waving the board back and forth. I’ve seen commercial products such as so didn’t expect it to be so difficult. With some practice and by squinting my eyes I was able to see some characters. You can see from the code I attempted the penultimate “Hello World” but it seems the longer the message the more difficult it was to see. Play around with the column delay until you find a usable value.

If you found this fun or interesting please make a small donation to my PayPal account at I have many more Arduino projects in mind and appreciate your support.

POV Prototype.jpg

LEDPOV.ino (2.93 KB)