Arduino power management.


Please, assist: i want to produce a small portion of an arduino-based amateur devices for my friends. To save some money i want to use UNO board as a programming interface only and then just to buy a couple of ATmega328 chips, program it, and to solder a necessary pins. Here's the question: do i need some extra hardware to power up a chip correctly? A chip will be used for a Yamaha bikes, so i have a 5V bike circuit.

Yes you do. At least a few de-coupling capacitors, especially if you are using it in a bike...

take a look at this: bare minimum arduino and: stand alone arduino

or, try an Ardweeny. Or, get 328 chips preloaded with the bootloader (Jameco has them, others probably do too) and use the Ardweeny schematic. And a FTDI for usb connection to your computer. It's simpler than it sounds.