Arduino power meter

Hello all,

I'm thinking to use an arduino with 2 non-invasive current sensors to measure my house electric power consumption and electric power produced by my solar panel (the solar panel have an inverter to convert DC to AC). In your opinion I can assume the voltage in my home stable?

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Are you asking if you can omit a voltage sensor, and only use current sensors to measure power consumption?
That will only work for resistive loads.
For inductive loads, you also need mains phase in the power calculations.
Google "Arduino energy monitor".


Thank for your help.

I will need to measure the voltage in main phase and the voltage output of solar inverter?


The power factor for any residential building is so close to 1.0, it is negligible. So, you really need to know the average current. The average voltage will be pretty constant.

It takes a lot of inductance to cause a power factor to be relevant. My plant has 3 electric meters for each of the 200 amp services. Only one has a demand charge because of the power factor created by a 208 to 485 volt transformer for the convection oven.


Did you Google it?

The first hit explains how to measure AC current only (bit less accurate)

Might be easier to measure DC input current of the solar inverter.
Just guessing, because you didn’t post any facts.

You can buy cheap electricity meters , this is always worth a look , and maybe cheaper than the current transformers and electronics associated . Some already have pulse outputs or can be modified .
They are accurate too and get around a lot of calibration and safety issues

Some on eBay for less than £20

Also have a good look at your house meter - we have an electronic meter that flashes an led ever 1/100 kWh- it is easy to Pickup that signal