Arduino Power supply needs

I am completely new to this forum and Arduino so please point out mistakes I make politely.

For a school project I want to build a solar tracker. The idea is to use 2 solar modules, 1 that is small for the arduino and a bigger one for the actual purpose. My question is how much power or Volts or watts I need if I want to connect 2 small servos (for 2-axis solar tracking), my arduino and a few LEDS. I would use those servos. (sorry the amazon page is in german)

Thank you very much!

I'm not sure if I fully understand your question but I will assume you are asking how much power will the servo motors need..
I NEVER tested with the motors you want to use,but similar size servos need something around 0.5 Amps to around 1 Amp under full load.So 1 servo motor will need 5 Volts @ 0.5-1Amp.(2 servos will need 5 Volts at double the Amps=> 5Volts @ 1-2 Amps.
If you want to connect the arduino board on the same 5 volts power supply,well the ardunio needs very very little current (Amps) to function it will not overload your 5V power supply.
Is best to assume the servos will always be under full load so a 5Volts @ 2,5 Amps i think is a good choice.A smaller power supply may struggle to keep everthing runnig,may overheat,cause heat issues,maybe even melt something inside.
I hope this helps.