Arduino Power

Can I use 9v battery on arduino nano vin pin(30). Im using 3 sonar sensors and 3 buzzers, it requires 5.5 volts. if i dont use any voltage regulator and connect 9v battery on vin pin will it do any damage to my project?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The Vin pin is specifically for this purpose, using the onboard regulator.

However its not a very large regulator so if you want lots of current at 5V it will overheat and shutdown.

A small 9V battery cannot give much current, you should worry about the total current draw of everything
in the project.

Thank you very much Mark! it really helped, so if I directly plug 9v Battery to vin pin, it should do no harm, right?

Probably no harm, as long as the Arduino is not connected to anything else - such as sonar sensors and buzzers.

The Arduino should be powered by a regulated 5 V supply - a common "phone charger" is a good one.

If you have a need for it to be powered by batteries, the situation becomes much more complex.