Arduino powered chariot follow certain coordinates

Hi, I had an idea for I little while and since I'm not advanced in arduino, I couldn't start with this project.
So the basic thing I want is to give coordinates and measurement to arduino and control motors to follow those directions, i still don't know what modules I'll need if needed, and how to write the code ,thank you.

How heavy is the kart? How fast must the kart accelerate? What is the top speed required? Is gearing required? That, at least, must be known to be able to pick a motor. The supply voltage rating and the stall current of the motor will be needed to pick a motor driver. The type of motor driver depends on the type of motor. DC brushed motors can be driven by a MOSFET or relay if only one direction of rotation is required, an H-bridge if bi-directional. A brushless motor usually needs an ESC (Electronic Speed Control).

How do plan to transmit and receive commands? Wire, radio, IR, shouting? Pick a communication method. Then a bit of Google to find a library and tutorial for the method.

This is a very advanced project. Plan on several months to a year or more to complete it.

First, buy an Arduino and work through the simple examples.

What are the coordinates referenced to? GPS? (Doesn’t work indoors.) Grid lines you draw on the floor? (Then you need some kind of sensor to ‘see’ the gridllines.)

I want to start just with a small project , just a small car follow the coordenates that I give, I thought I could use cnc shield with stepper motors , but I'll need to change the code, and I still don't know where to start , what's grbl code ? and can edit it ?I's going to be just a small project , demonstration, for example, I could just draw something and the car follow the drawing.

No, that is not a small project either.

Start with a platform like this one that already has wheel encoders, so you can calculate where the vehicle is from the starting point.

Do not think for a minute that this is a simple task!

Polou has some great Arduino-compatible robots. I should think that you could get one of them following a line drawing on paper within about 30-90 minutes of getting it out of the box. But this is a $100-$300 robot with most everything already done for you.

I really like their m3pi robot as it has lots of space for expansion of the electronics but the mechanical stuff is completely done.