Arduino powered paintball marker

I'm very happy to say that thanks to this community and the development of arduino i was able to resurrect my Autococker sr.

I ran into quite a few problems, some related to the gun itself, for example air leaks and incorrect sear adjustment. I actually had a great time coding the entire function of the gun, which of course had it's fair share of problems too. I started out with the firing sequence all wrong, i didn't realize that until the other day.

I've been working on this off and on since September, with a good month and a half waiting for my air tanks to get recertified. But now I'm close to the finish line, so about the only thing left is to cram it all in the trigger frame!

I put up a video on YouTube, I'm not entirely done with the code yet so i will post that soon as well. Very fun project and I'm glad it's not a paper weight anymore!

arduino powered paintball marker