Arduino powered RC car, great idea, now how on earth do I wire it up?

Ok, so last week I thought it would be a good idea to buy an arduino uno board and try to wire it in to a remote control car but I'm already stuck.

I was expecting to have to wire in 4 digital wires for forward, reverse, left and right but since testing out the board it's not quite as simple as i thought. Basically there are 2 motors, one for forwards and backwards and one for left and right, depending on which way you put the positive and negative in, one of those 2 will happen. So how do I do wire that up?


Perhaps if you told us something about this car we might be able to help.

Model number, datasheet, website, even a photo of its internals - something.

I've tried to find wiring diagrams online but I can't find anything, this is the car:

As I said I can get the motors to do what I want to do, I'm just not sure how to wire it. I basically want to send the power up the red wire and the black as neutral to go forward, but then send the power up the black wire and red as neutral to go backwards.

I'll try to take some photo of the board when I'm at home.

Read this thread - it may or may not help you, but it certainly can't hurt. Worst case scenario it will give you some insight on what you are up against, and some ideas on where to go with things: