Arduino powering multiple LEDS

The current project i am working on is a 10x13 pseudo LED matrix. Instead of a traditional LED matrix to display images I have each pixel of the image attached in series or parallel. To change images each series of LEDs will be powered by a pin on the arduino. My question is will the Arduino pins be able to output the voltage by themselves. If they can't do you have any suggestions on how to?

9 images
15-25 pixels per image

rough programming description:

9 buttons will change the number of an int (1-9)
depending on the int number a loop statement will run an image

Your building your own matrix using 130 Leds arranged as a 10 * 13 rectangle.
You want to display different images on your display, each of which could use up to 25 Leds.

You will have to design your matrix so the rows are sourced and the columns are sinked (or vice-versa) and you will have to scan these at a high enough rate that all required leds appear to be lit simultaneously.

You will almost certainly have to come up with a design which uses shift registers and/or driver ICs (or even discrete transistors) to work within the power constraints and pin number constraints of an Arduino, assuming you want to illuminate the Leds at a reasonable brightness.

Another option: use 2 MAX7219s to drive individual LEDs wired up as two 8x8s, but physically layed as 10x13.
Well, 64x2 = 128, so drive the last 2 individually from 2 IO pins.
Then it's just a matter of use SPI.transfers to send out the 16 bytes of data representing the display, or changing individual bytes and sending those out.
I'd just have an array of 16 bytes, when something changes in a byte, do a function call and send them all out.

2 of these cards I offer will let you wire up the LEDs individually easily so you can space them out however you'd like.

Can use 30 AWG wirewrap wire to the LEDs, connect to two male pins and plug those onto female headers on the board, or put male pins in the board as well and just wirewrap directly from board to LED.
Good project for wiring up while watching TV.