Arduino Powers down when connect blinkM Led lights

Hi there! When I connect my arduino to my laptop via usb, and power it with my adapter, when I connect my 5v and ground to a breadboard to connect to my blinkMs.. the little power button begins to fade, and the usb disconnect sound happens in windows.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

I noticed that the underside of the arduino was roasting hot.. it properly burnt my finger. I had it stuck to some timber with a lot of blue tack.. could it be an overheating issue?

It had been working fine up until now.

Many thanks.

How many BlinkMs? You probably can only run two or three at a time from the Arduino on USB.

Your breadboard is drawing to much current, either from a miswiring error or just too much load for the Arduino to supply. There is a 500ma thermal fuse that protects the USB port if too much current is being drawn so that is what is causing your USB disconnect.

So if you could supply a drawing of your breadboard set up or at least a detailed explantion of what and how you have wired up maybe we can help further.


Ok well I have a 1.25 amp 12 volt power supply powering the Arduino, and it has been running fine up until yesterday. One thing that I did do and I hope it didn't mess everything up was that I connected accidentally two jumper wires to the 3v and the 5v to the breadboards red line and black line (the strip along the side) to which then they connected to the ribbon cables 5v and ground cable. Would this have messed up things?

The way my bread board and wiring is set up is as follows. I have four jumpers coming off the arduino. One for 5v power, one ground, one I2C D (analog 4), one I2C (analog 5). 5v power is going to the red strip on the breadboard and is connecting the ribbon cables third wire, the wire for for the power, and ground is going to the black strip on the bread board and is connected to the ribbon cables fourth wire.

The power down happens with out connecting the data lines. The power lines are connected properly on the breadboard im sure, as I had the whole set up working before this problem. The two power jumpers go into the side strip as detailed above, and the two wires from the ribbon cable go in the holes just after the corresponding jumpers.

I noticed as well just there that if I have the power supply in and the arduino connected, when I put the second of the jumpers in, either to the 5v or ground last it doesn't matter, the green light begins to fade and the USB disconnect is heard, but also the underside of the arduino just to the left of where you put in the power, starts to get VERY hot very fast.. ???

I noticed a reset pin.. could this help? If I have a dead arduino board i need to replace it fast since I only have a week till I have to have this project done.

I moved my connections to another part of the bread board and it seems to be working fine now. Thanks.