Arduino Primo BLE Libraries


Does anyone know libraries for easy access and use of onboard Bluetooth module ? I've benn looking for few days but nothing except CurieBLE lib but it's for Arduino/GenuinoBLE. I need to use the onboard BLE module for wireless LED strip control.

The usage of external modules is not an option.

Thanks for any advice or bigger help :slight_smile:

and the library in IDE core-nrf52 package (source repo)?

I've tried but with no big success. Using examples brings no effects - can't connect to smartphones Bluetooth (some pairing problem, Arduino denies connection even with 3 different devices). IDE BLE or nrf52 package has poor documentation (IMO, but I'm not the best in lower level uC programming).

anyone any other idea ?

You can have a look at it is a copy of the old webpage. I am currently also tinkering around with the Primo and the BLE libraries and was quite surprised that the webpage was shutdown so quickly. The Primo was documented quite well and the samples which were available helped me getting started quite quickly.

The libraries mentioned by Juraj seem to work well and they are included when you install the primo package using the Arduino IDE via the boards manager. Nevertheless, the examples are included but may not appear under File -> Examples, at least this was the case on my Mac. Hope this helps... :slight_smile: