Arduino Primo - Disable AP

I am unable to disable the AP on my Arduino Primo.

Here is the issue: When I am connected to the WiFi, I can set the mode to STA. When I leave the WiFi range, the mode returns to AP+STA. I need it to stay in STA mode permanently.

The WiFiLink library is unable to help with this task like the WiFi library might if the ESP8266 were on a shield.

Any advice?

you can't. mode is not saved into configuration. it is not implemented. In my fork of WiFi Link firmware I already implemented saving the static IP address. but for the mode, there must be first mode reset implemented using the button connected to esp

Any ideas if this is a planned feature? If not it seems a secure Primo project would not be possible. I am ready to go back to a Uno with a shield albeit very disappointed.

Primo and WiFi Link was project. It is unclear if will continue with it.

Good point. Thanks! Still hoping for some work to be done in that direction. Any way to simply disable the on board esp8266 in favor of an external one? Very happy with the other features of the Primo. Been searching for other options with similar features and not finding what I want.

I think it is possible to use esp8266 SDK AT firmware with esp on the Primo. but it is unexplored. in an other thread we try to flash the esp on Primo over serial

it is a dead end. the UART of the ESP is not connected to anything on Primo. the UART (Serial) is need for flashing of the firmware and the SDK AT firmware uses it to receive AT commands.

only option to hack the ESP on Primo is soldering connections to tiny points between the esp and it's flash memory

and of course a very careful OTA update of WiFi Link is possible

So you think solder to those points in your image and connect to the TX/RX via a step down then use soft serial to program?


no. it would enable the flashing but not to operate the AT firmware.

in the Primo schema, there are lines between nRF (HW?) Serial 2 and ESP serial. only the connecting resistors are not there.

My electronic knowledge is not so good. I can't tell if it would work if connected or if it would be a problem for the chips.