Arduino Primo

I just bought an Arduino Primo. However, the Arduino IDE (1.8.2) fails trying to install the library Arduino nRF52. There doesn't seem to be any information regarding the Primo on, its is possible to buy it but I can't find anything. What do I do?

the Primo documentation was on, but it was turn off today. use Web Archive

Thanks Juraj,
I still get an error installing the library. The error message is:

"java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.Exception: Error downloading of File Not Found.

I guess I have to wait until is back online.
Thanks again!

it will not be back
GitHub arduino-core-nrf52

Thanks again Juraj!
I'm unable to solve this now and I will revert to other work for a while!

Hi Juraj,

I have the same problem of GoranFe but i can't postpone my work.
How can i install the board from GitHub arduino-core-nrf52 ?

Thanks you.

Sorry. I don't know. I would try download the zip from GitHub (green button) and extract in the right folder. With some other platform as example.

New Primo boards are sold in the e-shop. Try ask in e-shop about support and platform package.

I also got my primo today i a ca not install the software any way?
Any solutions here?

Ask support of

Ridiculous that they just shut down .org without porting the information over to .cc. There was a lot of info in Primo specific libraries... now you have to just review them manually on GitHub.

Terrible work by Arduino! Just keep the site up and put a banner at the top until everything is ported!!

it is ported and working in Board Manager

Hi...Primo is ported. When do you expect Core Primo to be ported across?

Hi...Primo is ported. When do you expect Core Primo to be ported across?

Primo Core was not in released package for IDE. but updates are in the GitHub repository

It seems they just RETIRED this board?!?