Arduino Pro 5v Running with FTDI Basic

Hi all,

I've been using a few Arduino Pro's (5v) for a couple of months now and have been programming them with the 5v FTDI Basic from Sparkfun. However, I changed USB cables and now the board does not power on properly. It either turns the power light on and then off and thats it. Or the power light flickers constantly when connected to a different computer. I've tried different boards and cables. I can't find the cable I used to connect to the board originally. Is there a more specific USB mini cable that I need to be using? Or have I done something to the board itself? As above, this configuration has worked before for me.


Probably a worn-out cable or connector that's failing to make proper contact. Usually USB connectors are pretty reliable (though I've had a couple that refused to pull out again which was annoying)

The other possibility is dirt in the connector - the FTDI basic has a mini USB B connector I think, even a tiny bit of dirt could cause trouble - try the poor-man's air duster - blow out any dust from each connector, examine with a lens.

Thanks. I checked and didn't find any dirt, but I did find the problem though. I got out a new FTDI basic because I noticed something off about the pins on the one Ive been using. Somehow I managed to push one of the pins back into connector; where you usually see 5 gold tips I can only see 4 and one is pushed up and back. No idea how I managed that. Wrong usb cable maybe?

Thanks for the help.