Arduino Pro + Bluetooth Mate Silver

I've looked through the forums and searched for an answer but I can't seem to find one. Laugh if you like but...

How would I upload a sketch if the Bluetooth Mate Silver is attached?

I don't have an image but if you look here ( you can see what I'm going for. Can I upload a sketch through the Rx/Tx pins (digital pins 0 and 1)? I've read some conversions need to be made when connecting these to a computer serial port (RS232 to TTL). I want to avoid running the bluetooth modem through software controlled digital pins because I need as many of theses as possible for other applications.

Is it possible to connect an FTDI board for uploading, remove it, and connect the bluetooth modem afterwards?

Once again, I'm sure the answer is out there. Maybe I'm using the wrong keywords for my search, or I'm just blind. Thanks in advance.

When the shield is attached, you will not be able to upload a sketch. You need to temporarily disconnect the shield, this is not a physical issue, this is to do with the pins for upload being RX and TX that are used in the shield. Yes the pins 0 and 1 are the same pins but you can use them OR the ftdi breakout ones, not both. You can connect the FTDI for uploading only and remove it as soon as its uploaded, that is totally acceptable. This is a similar issue that happens often, if you cant properly upload a sketch, its likely you are using digital 0 and/or 1 for something. It is the case for most shields.