Arduino Pro board power consumption

I used a Pro Mini board in a battery powered circuit and implemented some sleeping routines, I can get it to draw less than a milliamp while sleeping. I can't get an Uno board to draw anything less than about 10 or 12ma when sleeping, I'm guessing because of the onboard regulator.

Now I'd like to use the bigger Pro board instead of the Pro Mini. Does anyone know if the Pro has a low current draw like the Mini, or is it more like the Uno?

I have an RF remote control with 8MHz Promini, max1811 3.7V LiPo battery charge control chip, sparkfun 434 Tx module, connected to VCC pin bypassing the regulator, draws 0.99mA in sleep mode.

Are you powering the uno from battery, say 3 AAs going to the 5V pin, bypassing the regulator? Promini has no FTDI/AT8Mu2 that is on all the time sucking down power.