Arduino Pro Micro and Hot Glue -- Do they mix?

I was recently made a button box using the Arduino pro micro, but the Arduino is basically floating in the box. To fix this problem I thought of using hot glue but then wondered if the glue would be too hot for the Arduino. If anyone has fastened an Arduino with hot glue has this damaged it?

Hot glue melts just under 100 degrees C, but your hot glue gun might deliver it at 150C.
That's fine for most electronics.
Your Arduino has been soldered in the factory inside an oven,
with a temperature of just over 200 degrees C.

If you are worried about the heat, I have used double sided foam tape to mount small PC boards.

I have also used hot glue. Like @Wawa says, the boards have been hotter when they were made.

Yeah, I was pretty sure it was going to be ok but I just wanted to be sure.

I confirm there is no problem, done it many times.

Avoid if you can to put the glue directly on some components, they could be damaged if you don't heat your assembly enough when trying to extract it again in the future and don't use tons of glue, a couple drops is usually enough.

Does hot melt glue have any conductivity? Can it create shorts?

Normally no, but there are so many concoctions of hot sticks, you never know.

From my experience, NO.

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your mileage may vary... hot glue is a good insulator but it depends on environment. Over time I heard that some could absorb moisture and become more conductive and of course it softens with heat - so don't put it on top of something becoming really hot... It also needs to be non-corrosive to copper

I think what is used is "silicone RTV" when fully cured

EDIT: seems there are specific hot glue for electronics too

Personally, I’d use nylon standoffs (even the short ones)
You can epoxy or hot glue them… and can still remove the module later if you need to.

Hot glue has been fine for me. I’m no huge fan but it does have its place.

Pro tip: IPA turns hot glue into a cheese like substance with no adhesive strength that can easily be removed.

Isopropyl alcohol. Not beer.

You can get 90 percent, a good liquid to have around.