Arduino pro micro shows up as "unkwown USB device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

So i got a pro micro board a week ago and have no prior experience with arduino. I have not had any success getting my pc to work with this little thing. When i plug it inn i get a notification that says USB device not recognized. When i check in device manager there is no arduino under ports (COM and LPT) and the only thing that shows up is the unkwown USB device. arduino
I really need some help here

Did it ship with a bootloader? Some cheap ones don't. Is any external hardware connected to the Pro Micro?

Take a magnifier and inspect the board for solder blobs near the IC and the microusb connector.

The IC comes with a dfu bootloader so in the case of not flashed with arduino bootloader it still shows up in device manager.

it does currently have something connected, but the problem occured before i plugged something in it, but i'm afraid i don't know what a bootloader is...

Please disconnect it for now so we can be sure it doesn't cause any interference.

Some bad sketches can wipe out the DFU bootloader. In that case you have to follow the unbricking procedure and upload the blink sketch or a blank sketch.

i have now, but i still end up with the same problem, and nothing changes

well i haven't been able to download any sketches in the first place, i was never able to get it to be detected, i have tried different computers and even bought another board, but still have the same problem

Another identical board, or another different board? Also did you do as requested in reply #5?

It's the same type board (pro micro) but seems to be from a different manufacturer, I have also disconnected the external hardware

When you plug in the USB, does the on board LED flash on/off/on/off/on/off....

yes, it has a small red light that lights up when it's plugged in

If it doesn't flash, that is only the power indicator. There should be another one, flashing at a 1Hz rate. It should come from the factory like that...

I don't believe the Pro Micro comes with a Blink. The reason being that it doesn't have a built-in LED. You can control the RX and TX LEDs though.

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Hello OP, so far you have made us believe you got some Pro Micros but only managed to provide a screen shot that didn't show it was a Pro Micro, no links to where you purchased them and no photos of the actual boards having the issues.

Will you please provide the above basic information to aid us to help you? It is always easy for you to assume we see what you see. But if you stop and think about this, we've never seen anything that's in front of you so you are literally asking a bunch of blind people for directions.

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