Arduino pro mini 3.3V 115200 baud

Has anyone noticed problems with the 3.3V Pro Mini operating at 115200 baud?

I've tried with both the atmega168 and 328 versions, and they both send garbled data at 115k. The highest rate that seems to work is 57600. Has anyone else noticed this, or could it be something I'm doing wrong?

I'm using the FTDI basic 3.3V usb-serial adapter from Sparkfun.


The Arduino pros use ceramic resonators, which have a higher frequency tolerance than the crystals that some boards use. I’ve been working with similar resonators, and have seen a few minor errors in serial communication at higher baud rates. The higher the baud rate, the more precise the clock rate needs to be to maintain synchronization.

Yes, I can confirm that.

I have an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3 with the 3.3 FTDI basic breakout. 115200 doesn't work at all but lower baud rates work fine.