Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V and BlueSmirf Silver Connection to Phone Issues

Currently I am working on a project for controlling an Arduino Using an Android Phone. I was going to start with the project at the link below and go from there but I am having a few issues.,148853.msg1118346.html#msg1118346

I uploaded the app onto my phone and using an FDTI from spark fun I loaded the program on an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V. I attached a 220 ohm resistor and an LED going from Pin 7 to ground. I checked to make sure the correct side of the LED was connected to ground. The power supply I am using is two AAA batteries and is connected to the RAW and GND. The BlueSmirf Silver Modem is connected to the Arduino with TX to RX, RX to TX, VCC to VCC and GND to GND.

When I first turn on power the LED on the BlueSmirf blinks red, I then connect the phone (Droid X) to the BlueSmirf and the light turns to green. But when I try to run the program nothing happens. If anyone has run into this before or has any advice on what to check I would appreciate it.

Thank you


I tried moving the power to VCC rather than raw and nothing happened. The Arduino and Bluesmirf are both receiving power it’s just that nothing happens when I try running the program. Is there something that needs to be changed in the arduino code? Has anyone run into issues connecting to a phone, like having to change settings or load different drivers?

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I tried changing the LED Pin to the onboard led (13) and this did not work. I also tried using the code found here

and neither one worked. I also changed the BPS to several different things and it still has not worked.

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I figured it out. It was the baud rate in the Arduino Program. It has to be set to match the Bluetooth modem. Now i have to figure out how to connect multiple Arduino Devices to an Android phone using Bluetooth.