Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v + WT12-A Bluegiga

Hello All,

I'm using WT12-A Bluetooth Module to connect wirelessly from an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v 8Mhz.

I am to see the output of Arduino Pro Mini via Bluetooth transparently But I am not able to upload, my inquiries are:

  1. I have set the preference.text: serial.burn=9600 and serial.debug=9600, is there anything I need to set?

  2. Is the Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v able to accept uploaded sketch at 9600 baud rate?

  3. Do I just need to continue 'learning' the right timing of the upload (Reset button of Arduino Pro Mini vs. Upload button of Arduino IDE)

Any insight or advise is highly appreciated. Thanks :)

Ok I found serial.download_rate=19200 at preference.txt

Now my question is: Is Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v 8Mhz (ATMega168) upload skectch fixed only at 19200?

Replies are highly appreciated


wt12 seems to disconnect fast.... :(

Any suggestion?

I would like to be able to upload my sketches via WT12 any insight is highly appreciated

please.... :(