Arduino pro mini 328 - MultiWii1_8

Hello, I have some problems with this board. My projekt is Wiiquadrokopter. He flew already, but the regulators dis not work good. I have uploaded the MultiWii 1_8, but I can't check this out in config. I've reseted the version and wanted to upload this again. Than, this message appeared. -->

What should I do?

With friendly greetings Karl

Do you have something connected to the hardware serial pins?

Yes, I connected all pins, except 3V3 (GND). I have the FTDI Basic board.

Do you know what this message mean?

Do you know what this message mean?

Yes. It means that a program on the PC is talking to the Arduino, and it is not getting the responses it is expecting, because what you have connected to the serial pins is interfering.

I use for trafic trade the FTDI.
On the image, you can see what I have connected. (All except GND)
I separated GND, because all my Brushless controlls catched fire.

What disturb?

Sorry I have separated 3V3.

Take out the ProMini from the Perf board and try to upload again.

The message appeared again…

I’ve downloaded the Multiwii2.0 and I dont need there a “adapter”. I must not separated 3V3.

With “Adapter” work this not.
Without, it’s unusual. (image)

I 've bad experiende with burning controls.

Is there a probelem when I have, while testing accumulator (11,1 V) and electricity (5V) from the PC?

What language do you speak? You could post this in your language in the respective forum.

I am having a hard time understanding..