Arduino Pro Mini 328: Regulator robustness?

I've been using a 5.1 v regulator both to power an Arduino and provide current for off-board passive components in a project.

I'm beginning to wonder, though, whether the Arduino's regulator might be capable of supplying my off-board needs as well. I could eliminate that off-board regulator.

I can't find specs for max current/power drain on that regulator -- can't even find out quite what that chip IS.

Anyone know? I hate to blow one up finding out the hard way. ;-)

If this is the Arduino Pro Mini 328 from Sparkfun then note that they publish the schematic:

The regulator looks like a MIC5205 and they even have schematic notes that it’s rated for 150mA maximum (I’d be wary of pushing it to this limit regularly).

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Argh. I had only checked the schematic here at, linked from the hardware page. The print is for version 10 (168) and is silent about the regulator.

The Sparkfun copy of the schematic (version 11, the 328) is more complete.

Yeah, I guess I won't be leaning on that regulator for anything serious off-board. Darn the luck! Not a big surprise, though.