arduino pro mini (5v, 16Mhz, 328) with PIC16f629 communication

Hello everyone,

I have a keyfob receiver which works fine on it's own, but I want to use arduino to read which button has been pressed. The easy way to see this is by connecting all 4 channels seperately and reading those. The problem is, I don't have 4 pins open, so I want to read discrete button presses on 1 pin (combined with 5v, gnd and clk). The receiver is controlled by a PIC16f629, I don't need to reprogram the chip, only read the output.

The receiver I'm using can be found here:

Does anyone know how to do this?


I don't need to reprogram the chip, only read the output.

What output on the PIC16f629 are you talking? UART, SPI, I2C???

A quick look and I can see no option for configuring the PIC to output a clock and data signal without re-programming it. Do the outputs drive some other devices and you want the arduino to know what ones or are you wanting this as a 4 channel receiver exclusively for the arduino? If it's the latter then maybe connecting a different value resistor to each output and connect them all to an analogue pin you can make a analogue switch ladder.,20125.0.html