Arduino Pro Mini - 5V/16MHz Parts list help

Hey all, i am trying to find the parts needed to build a similar build of the sparkfun Arduino Pro Mini board. Does anyone happen to know what the components are called that are used on that board? I’m having a hard time trying to track down the part numbers for them all!

Any help would be wonderful! Thanks! :slight_smile:


I'm trying tofind the same information. I just got word on the Voltage regulator, MIC5205-5.0YM5, Relevent datasheet:

Ok, i have been reading the schema and all and i came up with this... Can you check to make sure the connections are correct and i got the correct components?


David :)

The "trace" for the oscillator capacitors looks like it's crossing. It looks like you should "route" the trace from the left capacitor to the north of the other capacitor, right? Since you were color-coding traces, I guess that's top and bottom layer, so I figured it worth mentioning.

Thanks for the reply halley...

I was going off my design from a ATMEGA168 chip:

But no, they are not crossing each other.


How’d you do those diagrams? They look … strange but useful.

These would make you life a little easier

Aballen: Does that CSTCE16M0V53-R0 take the place of the two 22pF on each side of the crystal?

westfw: I'm a visual learner so having a picture instead of a schema works better for me :)


Yes its a resonator, which is basically a crystal with 2 caps.

There are 3 connections the edges go to xtal1, and xtal2 on the atmega168 and the center goes to gnd.

I believe the arduino mini pro uses this same part(or something very similar.

Has anyone found the actual parts list?


Make one. Look at the photo and back out the parts. The 10u caps are big, 1210 maybe the resistors and .1uf caps are 0805 smt. The 168 is a tqfp-32. the resonator ? the voltage regulator is a SOT-23 I think.

Good luck finding LDO voltage regulators, and the 168 tqfp. 168tqfp are due in May(

I used this as ref: