Arduino Pro Mini 8mhz with WDT

I am using an arduino pro mini clone on a remote data logging project. I need this thing to reset if it hangs so I'm using the watchdog timer. I have this working well on the UNO but when I migrate the sketch to the mini the wdt enters a continous loop. This has been well documented but I'm really struggling to find results that match the software that is currently available.

ie using the optiboot bootloader seems to be the most generally accepted method. I have managed to flash this to my mini but I can not upload sketches. People have encountered the same problem and modified the boards.txt file but my boards.txt file is completely different. Some solutions also involve using the cmd shell to edit the makefile which is getting a bit advanced for me and I'm not sure is entirely necessary.

Has anyone here updated their Atmega 328P 8mHz 3.3v pro mini to get it working with the wdt? How did you do it?