Arduino Pro Mini, broken or defected?

Hello people! I bought a brand new Arduino Pro Mini 3v3 w/ ATmega328 and soldered break away female headers on both sides. I set the right port and selected the right board. When i first tried to upload a code through my Arduino Uno it gave me errors:

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

Now after some fidgeting( Checking solder, cleaning the pcb, plugging-unplugging, restarting, etc.) with no success i decided to upload the same sketch to my 5v Arduino Pro Mini that i already had and everything went smooth, with no issues what so ever! So i assumed the problem was that i ruined my 3v3 board by soldering so i've ordered a new one. When it arrived, due to my lack of intelligence (duh), i did not test the board by trying to upload the code but went straight into soldering the break away headers. I have only soldered the Vcc side. I was really careful with soldering this time and did not even hold the soldering point for more than 2 seconds/pin. When i tried uploading i got exactly the same errors. Tried an older version of Arduino IDE just in case but no results.

Here are images of my soldered board: Image

I am really frustrated at the moment, either im unlucky to have have bough some defected boards (from different shops); ruined them both by soldering; or i'm just doing something wrong here, although as i said my 5v Pro Mini loads perfectly. please help!!

Thanks, R

So you are using an Uno to program a 3v3 Pro Mini? The process works OK for your 5v Pro Mini? If yes to both of the above, then how are you powering the 3v3 Pro Mini? Are you feeding 5v to the RAW I/P, or are you suppling 3v3 to the VCC line of the Pro Mini? Texy

Hi. I supply the arduino pro mini with 3v3 throgh where the FTDI cable usualy goes. It has 6 pins and and i connect them like this:

BLK > (blank) GND > GND VCC > 3v3 RXI > RX TXO > TX GRN > Reset pin

Does someone know as the rx and tx pins operate at 5v logic that can be the issue? Thnx

So it's a 3v3 pro mini and your using a 5v ftdi cable?

Yes it's a 3v3 pro mini. No i'm not using FTDI, i'm programming through Arduino Uno, but the pins i connect it to are the same as if i was using an FTDI cable.

According to your images you have connected your pro-mini on RAW, GND, RST, VCC, A5 and A4. Is that what you intended?

It is certainly not what you said you did, which is like this:

BLK > (blank) GND > GND VCC > 3v3 RXI > RX TXO > TX GRN > Reset pin

It looks like you have this:

RAW > (blank) GND > GND RST > 3v3 VCC > RX A5 > TX A4 > Reset pin

Hopefully I'm mistaken but here is a link on how to actually do it.