Arduino Pro Mini in movie Predestination

In the movie Predestination the Arduino Pro Mini is used as a timer display for a bomb. Later in the movie, at about 1:21:21 it shows a full-screen image of the board, where you can even make out the "Arduino" silkscreened to the board. They flipped the picture, so it's backwards, but it's obviuosly an Arduino Mini Pro. The purchase order shows it as a "Timer Display" for $11.99 from "MVX Electronics".

I could find no information about this cameo appearance here or on the Internet at large.


Well, it has occurred to me - as I do suspect it has occurred to others here - that if you did want to make a bomb with the apocryphal movie count-down timer with its passcodes and all, an Arduino would be the device of choice.

On The Other Hand (OTOH), I suspect the local Police would just as likely conclude "Hmmm, which local Geek do we know who would be capable of building this? Ah-Ha!".

Hey guys i saw it too on the movie. So.. searched net for others and found this forum. It is nice that our lovely equipmet went BIG SCREEN !