Arduino pro Mini on board regulator

Hi all. I am using a pro mini in a project, and I'm wondering if anyone knows the spec of the onboard v reg? It doesn't seem to be listed on the schematic

It says that it can handle up to 12v, but I'd like to know if this is the absolute max, or I could go to 13-14v. Also would like to know the current output.

It would be good if I don't have to use an off-board reguator to power the project.


Sparkfun actually makes the Pro Mini. Their page seems to have a more recent schematic, which indicates a Micrel MIC5205.

Sparkfun is the manufacturer, so refer to their datasheets:

Max input 16v
Max current 150ma

Of course the ability to run at or near the maximum rated values will be limited by thermal considerations. See the datasheet. An example there for a 3.3V version of the regulator and minimum copper footprint calculates a maximum input voltage of 6.2V for a 150mA output. That's a long way from the maximum recommended input voltage of 16V.