Arduino Pro Mini or Arduino Mega for RC Transmission? ( URGENT!!! )

Hi everyone!!!

I am currently doing a project so that i can control the speed of my servo using my RC transmitter... The transmitter i got now is the 2.4GHz Futaba 6EX and the receiver is Futaba R617FS...

The problems i am having now are: 1) Which arduino board should i use - Arduino Pro Mini or Arduino Mega so that it is better to receive the signal from transmitter & output to my servo?

2) How to the connect the receiver to the arduino board so that it receive signal & read by my program?

3) What type of code should i use to initialize my RC signal, the input & output channel in my program?

Sorry I am quite new to this so i really need someone to give me some guide & point me the direction therefore i can continue the project on my own.. Hope any kind soul will reply me!!! Appreciate it very much!!! THANKS!!! :)

Promini, with a FTDI Basic for downloading code, then disconnect before using the the Promini. Will be cheaper to replace when you break something.

You do not need much IO, so the 20 pins provided by a promini are plenty.

Even better - get a Really Bare Bones Board kit or a Solarbotics Ardweeny and a 3-AA battery pack to power them with.

Need an FTDI Basic no matter what.

I'll let others reply re: interfacing with receiver & servo.


I will get a pro mini then... Can u give me some guide on how to program the code so that the transmitter can control my servo if i am using pro mini?

Once again thank you in advance!!! :)

Scroll down to "Reading PPM from a hobby RC Receiver" (way down the page) and look up the Servo.h library.

I haven't anything in either area yet.


and really thank you for the help... i will go study it & try out...

Have a nice day!!! God bless kind ppl like you!!! :D