Arduino pro mini power help

Hi there, I have just bought an arduino pro mini 3.3v. I want to connect some components to it that run on 3.3v also.

I know that the pro mini has a voltage regulator on it so I can connect a 9v battery to it, however for the other components attached to it that require 3.3v, is there a pin on the arduino pro mini that I can take a regulated current from to power them? I assume the vcc is for input only?

Is there are better way to be doing this? such as a 3.3v battery or separate regulator?

Many thanks,


VCC is the output voltage from the regulator.

awesome. thankyou

there is a raw input to the regulator and Vcc is the supply for the electronics on board - if running off 9V check that you won't be drawing too much current from the regulator - it will have 5.7V across it and has limited power dissipation on that tiny board.