Arduino Pro Mini - RF 315mhz transmitter help


First off, sorry if this is in the wrong board, I tried to pick on the most appropriate.


Wondering if someone can help me :slight_smile:

I have a 315mhz RF remote with an on / off toggle for my car's exhaust valves.
The remote system has a RF receiver that sits before the Valves themselves which controls the On / Off.

I've got an Arduino pro mini with a 315mhz transmitter and receiver kit.

But I'm having difficulty getting it working through the Arduino, im not sure where I am going wrong.

I have this information from my remote;

This is on
Decimal: 459020 (24Bit) Binary: 000001110000000100001100 Tri-State: 00F1000F0010 PulseLength: 236 microseconds Protocol: 1
Raw data: 7324,220,716,224,712,216,720,220,720,216,716,668,248,672,248,668,252,216,724,216,720,212,728,212,724,212,724,212,724,216,724,664,252,212,728,212,720,216,720,220,720,668,252,668,252,216,720,216,724,

This is off
Decimal: 459200 (24Bit) Binary: 000001110000000111000000 Tri-State: 00F1000F1000 PulseLength: 237 microseconds Protocol: 1
Raw data: 7300,224,704,220,704,220,708,220,708,220,704,656,232,652,236,652,240,220,708,220,708,220,712,216,712,216,712,216,712,216,712,648,240,652,240,652,240,216,716,216,712,216,712,220,712,216,712,216,712,

So I need to send either the Decimal, Binary or Tri-State with a Pulse to the existing receiver.

My assumption is that the Receiver in the car already is just awaiting the RF ON or OFF details to come through before it changes the state to on or off.


Parts: Arduino Pro Mini
Receiver board: mx rm 5v 080408
Transmitter board: fs1000a