Arduino pro mini + Sparkfun AVR programmer not recognized via USB

First time Arduino user here. Bought these two items for the purpose of cloning a coworkers test bench. I've downloaded the IDE successfully, but when it comes to connecting the boards to my PC, I keep getting the error messages when trying to assign the drivers. I've uploaded an image showing what the error message I'm getting when I try to update the drivers says (it's coming up as an unknown device with no drivers). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Update: This page has sorted out the driver issue for the pocket AVR programmer

Using the Zadig tool, I have got the drivers on the device.

Since this programming tool uses SPI, I'm assuming I need to connect it to the SPI pins on the pro mini? I've taken this step, and still can't get Arduino to upload the blink program. Using the upload using programmer function, I get this error message: Avrdude: initialization failed, rc=-1 double check connections and try again.

Yes, you will need to connect to the SPI pins. Can you take a clear picture of your connections and post it here so somebody can verify your setup.

Have you set the power switch on the programmer in the correct position? See Pocket AVR Programmer Hookup Guide - Programming via Arduino.

Did you go through Pocket AVR Programmer Hookup Guide - Troubleshooting?

I don't have that programmer so might not be able to help further.

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Thanks for your reply.

I've got it working now, SPI pins weren't making correct contact...haha. A bit of physical manipulation and I've got the board programmed.

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