Arduino problem

I had asked for advice earlier in this forum, and was suggested to get an AVR-ISP programmer. I got one, and then following the parts near the ending of the guide here : I tried burning the bootloader, but it ends up giving me this error : avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x80 My AVR-ISP programmer is attached on a USB port, using a serial to USB converter, and is shown as being attached to COM8. I tried changing the direction of the uC, but that didn't help either, and I got the same error again. The shop I bought the programmer from blacked out the address of the website on the board, so I do not know anything at all about it. Thats pretty bad of them. I am including a few photos below of the programmer attached to the board below, hopefully that'd help.

I have seen this board before. It is something made in China that after a bit of looking around I swayed away from buying. Let me have a look around at my old files and see what I can come up with for you that might be helpful.


Well it seems that all the Ref to this actual board is gone in my history files. I did however find one version up from what you have. ( I did a bit more digging to find any of the sellers of these type of development boards that offer some sort of tech support of anykind and came up with zeros. I will save this forum post in my history in the event I come across anything in the future that may be of help.

Your ATmega chip looks backwards. Make sure pin-1 is near the ZIF lever.

Your ATmega chip looks backwards. Make sure pin-1 is near the ZIF lever.

Done that, but no help still

By the looks of your serial programmer you might need to specify "dasa" type programmer with avrdude.

How are you programming the AVR chip? From the Arduino IDE or from commandline using avrdude?