Arduino Problems in Coin Acceptor

Hi guys I just want to share about the problem I have experienced with my arduino,

Case: The project I am working is actually an Arduino coin acceptor to count the coins that I have inserted (pulse). It works fine in my first try and my Arduino components are new. But after so many attempts and changes when I try to make my Arduino data to be posted online the pulse is no longer accurate and now the pulse is no longer counting.

Q: Could it be my Arduino is damaged but I run basic program but it was still blinking or maybe there is a loose wire?

You do realise you have told us nothing of any significance?

@pressxx, your topic has been moved to a more suitable location on the forum. Installation and Troubleshooting is not for problems with (nor for advise on) your project :wink: See About the Installation & Troubleshooting category.

Please provide your code (and please use code tags as described in How to get the best out of this forum).

Please provide a schematic / wiring diagram; a reasnonable sized photo (around 300 kB or so) of a handdrawn one is fine. Make sureit also shows all power and ground connections.

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my ball is broken...

@J-M-L , it's nearly Christmas :smiley:

are you getting me a new one? :wink:

I'm sorry , if you can't advise it's still ok thanks

Yes, absolutely correct. It is possible that your Arduino is damaged or you have a loose wire. It is also possible that there is a mistake in your sketch.

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Thank you sir

It is now fine sir my Arduino is actually damaged and I have buy a new one and it's working thanks

Whew! :cold_sweat:

Glad we got that sorted. :yawning_face:

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