Arduino + Processing Speedometer

Hi everybody! I'm a total noob, but I'm pretty excited about how easy Arduino and Processing have been to learn. Here's my first official completed project:

Let me know what you think! I've improved the software slightly since making the video, but you get the idea :)

As I improve it I hope to be able to make different workout schemes and incorporate other metrics for motivation, and hopefully add some more eye candy as well. If I'm feeling ambitious, I may try to use my servo motor to adjust the magnetic tension on the mag trainer to simulate hills etc.

Anyway, it's a fun start! Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks for a great product/community!

that's fun. I was taken aback with the idea of a processing app on your bike til I read that it was an exercycle.

Some very classy looking analog speedo would be a fun addition wouldn't it? You could put your time and stuff down where they have temp below. I've seen something like this done in processing so you could look for the example.

Or maybe an animated road?

Great idea, Bill.

Actually it's my normal road bike, but the back wheel is hooked into a magnetic resistance thingy-ma-jigger. That way it's the same ergonomics as when I'm riding out in the real world, plus I don't have to have two bikes in my apartment!

But what you bring up reminds me of an idea I had a while back: if I can do this with Arduino and my Mac, why couldn't I do it with Arduino and an iPod Touch hooked to the handlebars? I could put a dock for the iTouch in the middle of the front bars, and write a little app to display the info I want on the screen. Could be a neat toy.

As it is, I'd love to find more interesting abstract ways of displaying the data I'm collecting as I ride. For example, right now I'm relying on a 2D graph, but processing could do a 3D graph if I wanted, I just have to figure out what I would plot on the extra axis!


my multidisplay can do something like this with processing: but even on a quite powerfull pc (quad core 2,6ghz and so on) its barely running smooth, processing is awful when it comes to performance... :-[

Hey folks!

Re-written from the ground up, this time with OOP (as much as I could manage for the moment), and a new Bezier curve overlay. Much nicer! Also the graph is now a fully scalable object, so the entire window can be any size you want.

Still got a long way to go, but let me know what you think!