Arduino/Processing Video Games

Hi all-

I just finished my Division III project at Hampshire College (basically an intense year long thesis). Anyway I studied interactive digital multimedia which manifested itself in making a series of video games. All the games were built with Processing and Arduinos. I thought some people around here may get a kick out them.

Any comments would be great!

really cool projects.... I really liked the rainclouds in blow.

That's really clever stuff!

It does beg one question, though: How many of the people who worked on Vector Flier were strangled by their exasperated roommates? ;D


Haha. I am the sole creator of all the games and I too am somewhat surprised that I made it through alive. Vector flier definitely involved many long nights of screaming, but my housemates were super supportive and often would be screaming right there with me.

Thanks for checking out my work,

They weren't screaming with you: they were screaming at you :wink:

The Vector Flier looks like it was built around something other than a standard video display. Is that the case? If so, is it something the home hobbyist could build inexpensively? I really like the looks of it: it brings back fond memories from the 1970s, when I was working for a university, and got to play with many neat toys, including a Tektronix vector graphics terminal that was way ahead of anything generally available at the time.


Indeed, they may have been yelling at me, but that is also because it's hard to beat a man at his own game.

The display was just two lcd projectors. Vector Flier definitely is best when projected on a wall, it's just one of those games where a monitor just won't cut it. Unfortunately they were not home-made. Although I have tried to build projectors in the past, i ended up melting some lcds (I definitely want to try it again with ultra-bright leds).

I'm excited that it brought back Tektronix flashbacks. I am really interested in exploring what's the most bare bone way to portray a space. It seems like back in the day, people couldn't go hyper-real so they had to make judgement calls for what is the essential data that needs to be portrayed to create a space. I think that process forced really novel thinking. I hope that now we have so many endless possibilities with current technology, we still step back and try to get at the core of the problems we are solving.