Arduino->Processing wireless Serial CRC/ACK


I want to wirelessly transfer a larger amount of data (camera picture from a Hacrocam) from my arduino mega to my PC (processing). I use XRF modules (XBee like UART <-> RF devices). There are some transmission errors and the XRFs don’t offer any retransmit mechanisms. So I need to implement them myself.

I wonder if someone implemented something like this before and could share its experience and/or code.
I found this link: which might be a good start.


This might not what you are looking for (break a butterfly on a wheel) but when i hear

robvoi: retransmit mechanisms

I almost directly think about a nice TCP Protocol (had to Programm some Server an Client Applications :D, only not for Arduino). I know in the Arduino Wi-Fi Shield they use TCP. le Link to the Library: socket, server_drv and spi_drv could be of interest for you to implement TCP. In the parent folders you should find examples on how to send and receive data using TCP. I think you would almost only have to change the spi_drv funktions to insteed talk to your XRF modul.

Thanks a lot. But I think a full TCP protocoll might indeed be overdone. :-)