Arduino Product Naming

I don't know who's responsible for the product naming at Arduino but lately that person did a very bad job, at least in my sight as a supporter in this forum.

Arduino UNO WiFi Rev.2 has nothing to do with an Arduino UNO except the form factor but that is used by many boards.

Arduino Nano 33 Sense has nothing in common with a Arduino Nano other than the form factor.

Do the branding people know how much extra effort, how many extra questioning rounds it needs just because they were to lazy to think about a new name?

We don't know if a poster means the new product but shortens the name to "UNO" because the rest is just that technical details. If the name finding people had read some posts in this forum before producing almost identical names for technically distinct products they would know that in the forum a Mega is a Mega2560 in 999 of 1000 cases.

So please, please stop this stupid naming scheme and choose a fresh name for a newly designed board or use numbers as you do with the MKR series.