Arduino Product Packaging

Hello to all,

I would wish from Arduino Team to have a better labeling of the Packages. For sorting it out an EAN, Barcode would not take much place on the Package. New Staff have everytime the Problem to sort the right Product for the Order.


I'm not sure if this is the right place for this.
But wouldn't it be better if you'd suggest the improvement instead of requesting one.

So how would you go at it ?

How I told the best way would be to have EAN on it with Barcode at the first step.

I will try to draw a mookup and post here..

Maybe they intend for you to slap your own barcode sticker on it? Also, I am not sure whether getting an assigned EAN would cost money or not (it appears that the codes have something to do with the formerly named UCC - which, in my experience with dealing with them in regards to EDI - nothing is ever "free", and is in general fairly expensive for what you get); maybe they don't do it to save money?

My Arduino Micro package includes an EAN.

Which packages / products don't have one?

Save Money?? You mean if they add any internal Custom Product specified Barcode Number with a Barcode on the Package Layout will save Money??

Sorry but this is not the way to save Money. The Reseller have to print for each Product Type a Barcode Label which cost Money. Than one of Staff must stick it which takes time and cant do the own Job. This cost again Money!

The Packages have a Label with unique Number but this is not a Product Number.

I have a Leonardo and the packet has a printed EAN number and barcode.

I also have an Arduino Uno, the package has no EAN or barcode.

Both are official boards, the difference is that I bought the Leonardo in december 2012, and the UNo in june 2011.

So maybe the Arduino team has started printing EAN numbers on newer packets ?