Arduino production and assembly company

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Does anyone know what is the company responsible for the production and assembly of the arduino Mega 2560 PCB?

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There are several companies that are capable. The schematic and board layout files are available.

What is it you want this company to do?


i was interested in asking for a quote on PCB production and assembly to a company. Is someone able to refer a few of the several that are used?

Basically i need to change slightly the shape of the arduino Mega 2560 board, so it can fit this box

That´s why i would like to talk with someone related with the production process.


"Changing slightly" is not likely to be a cheap process, since any change to the PCB layout/routing requires prototypes, testing, etc.

Nonetheless, we do customized Arduino design/manufacturing/assembly and could do this for you if necessary:

However, if all you want is to mount your Arduino to DIN rail then consider our DIN Rail Mount Kit:

A lot cheaper than a custom design :)

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Would the Seeduino Mega fit your needs? Dimensions are shown on the page.

That´s a cool support, but for my problem i think is not enough.

By "changing slightly" i mean changing the following aspects:

  • 1) The shape of the board so it can fit the box;
  • 2) The output terminals, to screw terminals (for external cabling);
  • 3) Maybe latter i would like to add a few components (onboard), that for now are external;

Do you think this is possible? Can you estimate the increase percentage in arduino Mega pricing for this option (not taking into account the 3rd change).

Are there any companys like Ruggedcircuits based in Europe?


Sure, it is possible. The pricing depends very much on the volume. If you need 2 boards then it will be several hundred dollars :) If you need 200 boards then prices are going to come down closer to Mega prices.

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There is another possibility.

If you know some box of the same type and with same features, a little bit bigger, with 110mm instead of 90mm. I can design a cheap 1 face board to attach the new components i need and fit the arduino Mega 2560 little if it was a shield.

What do you think of this idea?

The cheapest option if you only need one or two of the boards would probably be to design the layout and build the thing yourself (preferably a printed board but protoboard could work too) but it would take a while. Like previously stated though if you plan on making a bunch and possibly incorporating it into a retail product manufacturing would be the best option. I’ve looked into producing somewhat low quantities (under 150) of a very simple board with only about 12 components and I’ve pretty much decided that unless you want several thousand there is no cheap way. And I do not have that kind of cash by a long shot

You can get pro-quality boards done very cheaply from all manner of people. For example at PCBcart a Mega-sized board will cost you a $56 setup cost and $32 for 1 board, but only $2 each for 50 off. So that's $156 all up for 50 boards.

That sort of price is well in the range of most people, and you get a pro board with 8/8mil geometries, solder resist, screen printing and SMDs on both sides etc.



Does anyone knows of companys based in Europe that to the same as Rugged Circuits?

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