arduino program does not start on windows server 2012


I'm trying to run arduino under windows server 2012. I've allready installed the signed drivers and the serial port is working.

Now I'm trying to get the program to work. I've installed both 32 and 64bit versions of java and I've tried arduino v1.0.1, v1 and alpha20. The only thing I see is the logo (startupscreen from arduino) and then it goes away but the main screen doesn't apear. Also I can't find any running processes. I've also tried compatibility mode and run as administrator but that also doesn't work.

Does anybody has an idea? Thanks!


I suspect, given that it is a pre-release server OS, not many people have tried running the Arduino IDE on it.

Option 1: Fully automatic installer:,118440.0.html (but use the same java from 1.0.1 so probably this is pointless)

Option 2: Delete JAVA folder and try again

I’ll give it a try next week